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Clueless (1995)


"I wish you’d drunk text me. Not just so I can finally understand how you feel about me or how exactly you react when you hear my name. But I want to understand your thoughts when your head isn’t on straight. Because sober, holy shit you’re so mysterious and unable to read. So, I guess, I just wish you’d drunk text me."




We had to create a self portrait for class that didn’t include our physical selves… I chose to really make use of self reflection with this project.
As an ISFJ/Virgo personality I tend to be very organized, analytical and bottle up my emotions.
I wanted to make use of these jars and display my experiences dealing with both depression (the black bottle) and anxiety (the cracked bottle), however keep them slightly out of focus- I may still be dealing with these issues, they may still affect my life daily but they are no longer at the forefront of my life, I am in recovery and I am winning. 
Then there’s the jar with glitter, I had different pictures where all three jars were standing up in order and all bottled up, but it felt wrong. I decided to knock this one over and have the contents spill out, though I still experience the downfalls of depression and anxiety, it no longer inhibits me from being brave and showing my true colours and sharing my love for the world and everyone around me- I am optimistic, I am radiant, I am free. 
- Katie

I FUCKING LOVE THIS. Also, life is messy! This is so beautiful, omg. Great job!!

This is so incredibly beautiful :)